InMAT Information

‘ A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary  things’

Barack Obama

The Inspire Academy Trust originated from the successful school improvement and partnership work led by the Inspire Teaching Alliance.  This organisation was set up in 2014 by three of our head teachers.  

With extensive school reform and proven educational excellence in our school leaders, InMAT set a mission; to help schools to improve their provision and to offer a great education to our pupils, from all socio-economic backgrounds. Our drive is not to grow an empire of schools, but rather the compulsion to share our proven approach to sustained school improvement for the benefit of children and their communities.

We are passionate about system-led change – our Trust is built upon the principle of primary schools supporting primary schools. We are very open in our approach and readily share our resources and thinking both within the family and with our neighbouring schools.

We use the National Support School Model to further develop our family of schools.

InMAT is committed to leading by example and lives by its unswerving commitment to integrity, transparency and excellence.

Setting this example to children will enable them to flourish and get the most from the school experience, as this is key to their success we will always be accountable, we will never make excuses, and will openly answer for all our actions. The Trust proactively engages with our parents and the local communities and is continually seeking ways to improve and enhance our education and support service capabilities.

What is InMAT's model for school improvement?

The Trust’s approach is based on the National Support School model, and within the Trust there is significant expertise and a strong track record in supporting and working with schools in a variety of contexts.  This support has included a range of strategies and models for school improvement. These typically include, executive headships, acting headships, leadership coaching and school-to-school support at every level.

InMAT is seeking to further develop this approach as it expands. Through this model, the Trust is always striving to generate the necessary capacity and expertise across the three clusters of schools in order to sustain and develop the performance of all its academies. At the same time all schools, staff and children within the Trust benefit from a strong ethos of support and collaboration – including opportunities for enhanced continuous professional development for staff, access to a range of central support services, informed peer-to-peer accountability and review, and the sharing of expertise and joint practice development.

How much autonomy do schools within InMAT retain?

InMAT schools are each at the centre of their own local communities and it our wish that every school shall retain its own individuality, uniqueness and control over teaching and learning and the curriculum. It is very important that each school has the opportunity and the freedom to respond to the needs of parents and children and create their own local solutions. As a family of schools, we celebrate diversity and individuality.  We understand that no school or community is the same; however we have the same high expectations of everyone in the trust and believe that, with the support of the InMAT family, every academy must provide a great learning experience for the children.